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Aircraft Insurance Claims

At MoMo Law, our aircraft insurance claims attorneys protect our clients from insurance companies that delay, deny, or partially pay the financial recovery they are entitled to from their coverage agreement.

Aircraft insurance claims can include coverage for private jets, but also helicopters, hot air balloons, and other aerial vehicles that are used for personal or business transport and require financial protection for their occupants and physical composition at all times. Damage to these vehicles can be expensive, and if someone is hurt during its operation, their recovery needs can devastate your financial integrity.

If you need to file an aircraft claim with your insurance company, it is important to seek legal help to ensure your carrier takes the claim seriously and does not reject it upon receipt. Our aircraft insurance claims lawyers have more than 25 years of experience in creating unique solutions for our clients, so they are able to pursue the financial recovery they deserve after an accident.

What Are The Main Types Of Aircraft Insurance Claims?

The majority of aircraft insurance carriers design policies that respond to two types of claims:

The details of what aircraft insurance covers will vary from policy to policy, and is based on the type of aircraft, how it is being used, and the financial underwriting verbiage that is outlined therein. When damage occurs to your aircraft from a hard landing, or if someone is hurt during flight, the policy can be pursued for both physical damage and the liability claim if it is written accordingly.

The details of your aircraft insurance policy are unique, so before submitting a claim, contact our aircraft insurance claims attorney at MoMo Law at (512) 640-5138 to understand specifically what is and is not covered before submitting a claim to the insurance company. Our law office provides free consultations and may take your case on a contingency basis, so you do not have to pay for our legal services if we do not solidify financial recovery on your behalf first.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Aircraft Claims?

Physical damage to an aircraft can occur in many ways, which is why insurance coverage is so important.

Some of the most common types of physical damage to an aircraft can result from:

The legal liability portion of the insurance policy is equally important if someone is hurt onboard the plane, or if their property is damaged in any of the aforementioned occurrences.

When someone is hurt while onboard an aircraft or is injured on the ground by the aircraft, they are entitled to financial recovery, which can put the aircraft owner in a significantly difficult financial position.

Personal injury victims can require financial recovery for:

Because each aircraft incident is unique, it is important to understand the provisions of your insurance policy and what the process is for getting the insurance provider to protect your interests.

At MoMo Law, our aircraft insurance claims lawyers will review your policy, the damage to your plane, helicopter, or aerial vehicle, and any personal injuries that occurred to ensure your policy covers the damages you are seeking.

With our aircraft insurance claims attorneys’ help, you can pursue a claim that is fully developed, leaving little room for the insurance company to deny, underpay, or delay the claim. With our accomplished aircraft claims lawyers by your side, you can face the insurance company with confidence.

What If The Insurance Company Already Denied My Aircraft Claim?

Insurance companies often deny aircraft claims immediately, which creates more work for the policyholder. They know that the more work you have to do to appeal the denial, the less likely you are to seek the best outcome available for your case.

If you have already had your aircraft insurance claim denied, Our Aircraft Insurance Claims lawyers can help you appeal to the insurance company to pursue the financial recovery you deserve. You do not have to take no for an answer after property damage or personal injury has occurred during your aircraft’s use simply because you received a denial letter from the insurance company.

Allow the aircraft insurance claims lawyers at MoMo Law to fight for your financial rights by calling (512) 640-5138 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your policy and overall financial recovery needs today.

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