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Artwork Insurance Claims

Owning valuable artwork, sculptures, collectibles, and unique collections is a prideful investment many make to enhance their home’s appeal and their overall personal enjoyment. These assets can require increased insurance coverage to ensure they are protected from any unforeseen damage that might occur throughout their ownership. At MoMo Law, our artwork insurance claims lawyers understand that when theft or destruction of your valuable pieces occurs, you expect your insurance company to pay for its restoration or replacement. Unfortunately, your insurance company may read your policy differently than you do and only offer a portion of its value in return for your loss — or worse, reject your claim altogether.

Our Artwork Insurance Claims Attorney respects the value of your artwork claim and can help you pursue the insurance company for the full amount of your policy’s coverage to ensure you are made whole again after these devastating losses occur.

Does My Property Insurance Cover My Fine Art Collection?

The short answer is, that it depends on your insurance coverage and the policy that was written to protect your overall assets and their total value. Artwork insurance coverage is crafted specifically to the unique circumstances of your needs, and the verbiage contained in each policy will differ.

The variables that differentiate one coverage agreement from another outline the type of art, and where is it stored or displayed, which can include:

If the artwork in question exceeds the value of your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may need to add a separate floater or supplemental policy that will specifically cover the significance of the piece(s) to ensure you can be reimbursed for any damages or theft that occur.

If you are unsure whether your valuable artwork or collection is included in your existing insurance policy, our experienced Artwork Insurance Claims Lawyers can help you determine exactly how much the coverage is worth.  

What Type Of Protection Does My Artwork Insurance Policy Cover?

At MoMo Law, P.A., our artwork insurance claims attorneys understand that each policy is designed to protect your unique needs.

It is important to communicate and outline that any damages to your artwork should be covered in that policy and the insurance company writes the language accordingly, so you are protected in case of:

The restoration or complete destruction costs of your artwork require diligence, so you are never left with a partial payment or outright rejection from the insurance company when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, even when you are sure your coverage applies — and your premiums have been paid in full — the insurance company may respond with resistance to your claim anyway.

Our MoMo Law, P.A. artwork insurance claims lawyers will help you face their opposition with confidence.

How Can MoMo Law P.A. Attorneys Help Me Recover The Artwork Insurance Payment I Deserve?

For more than 25 years, our artwork insurance claim attorneys in have represented private collectors, artists, and business owners who have suffered damage or complete losses to their collections.

Whether they are antiques or fine art, the connection you share, both financially and personally, can be disrupted in seconds when a burglary or natural disaster occurs, or when a fall or spill compromises the piece’s integrity.

You have insured your artwork or collection to ensure that if something happens to it, you are not financially burdened with its repair or replacement costs. And once that “if” becomes “when”, the insurance company should provide the financial recovery you deserve for your losses. When they do not uphold their end of the policy, we can help you pursue the financial obligation that is outlined in your coverage.

If We Do Not Win Your Case, You Do Not Pay For Our Legal Services

Our artwork insurance claim lawyers, at MoMo Law, believe that when you file a claim with your provider due to any misfortune that befalls even a single piece of your collection, you should expect to receive compensation from the policy you have paid for.

If you have yet to file a claim and need an accomplished attorney to walk you through the process, Artwork Insurance Claims Attorney can help you pursue the best financial outcome available — with the least resistance.

If you have already filed an artwork insurance claim, and believe it was wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid, we can help there too.

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