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Boat Insurance Claims

if you are a boat owner, you know that boating requires comprehensive insurance coverage that covers the boat itself, the people enjoying its use, and the other vessels and their passengers who share our waterways, lakes, and seas.

At MoMo Law, our boat insurance claims attorneys understand that just because you have an insurance policy to protect you in case of an accident, storm, or third-party negligence, the insurance company is not always going to pay the maximum amounts they have outlined in your policy. Insurance companies have long been notorious for writing policies they never plan to cover, and when our residents fall victim to insurance denials, partial payments, or slow-paying recovery methods, our boat insurance claims lawyers are here to force their hands.

What Type Of Boat Damage Will My Insurance Policy Cover?

Each boat owner’s insurance policy will differ and is based on many factors, including the type and value of the boat. Depending on what type of coverage you require, and whether the boat is used for commercial or private use, the policy will be unique to your needs.

The purpose of boat insurance is to protect you and your financial standing should any of the following occur:

The Cost of Boat Accidents

The property damage total does not include the costs associated with the personal injuries or wrongful death cases that were brought forth by those who were hurt or the families who lost their loved ones. If an injury occurs aboard your boat or as a result of a collision with your boat, and you are sued by the passenger or another boater, the financial fallout can be life-changing.

Insurance coverage is designed to protect you from the worst-case scenarios during boat ownership, which can include everything from losing your vessel completely during a hurricane to another boater colliding with your vessel and sinking it fully.

Our boat insurance claims attorneys know that while these are instances you cannot control, your insurance policy is in place to protect you from the unknown. And when your insurance company fails to make good on the policy that they wrote, you do not have to accept their deflated offer. And you should not compromise your position.

Why Is My Boat Insurance Company Unwilling To Pay What I Deserve?

When your boat has been damaged for any reason, whether it was docked and hit by another negligent boater or was run aground while at sea, insurance companies are going to estimate the damages at much less than they are actually worth to avoid paying the full amount that you deserve.

Your insurance company may offer several reasons as to why they are giving you a less-than-fair offer for your damage, including possibly that the cause of the damage could not be determined or confirmed.

While this tactic is upsetting to policy owners, insurance companies will play hardball with their clients to disprove their obligation to pay for the damages that occurred.

At MoMo Law, our boat insurance claims lawyers know all the insurance company’s tactics for offering a compromised payout that leaves many boat owners paying out of pocket to cover the actual expenses.

Do not allow the insurance company to intimidate you. Call our boat insurance claim law firm to learn how we can help you pursue the proper settlement of the jury verdict you deserve.

How Can MoMo Law Help Me Recover From A Boat Insurance Claim?

At MoMo Law, our boat insurance claims attorneys provide free case assessments that allow our Boat Insurance Claims Lawyers firm to learn more about your boat, its damage, and the policy that was written to protect you.

Once we have reviewed your claim, we will protect your rights fully inside or outside a courtroom to ensure you get the compensation you deserve from the insurance company which is fully responsible for covering the damages that are outlined in your policy. You have paid your premiums, and upheld your end of the insurance policy they wrote — now it is their turn to provide the services and financial coverage protection that was agreed upon.

Call Our Boat Claims Lawyers For Free Consultation

If you have suffered damage to your boat in any capacity, and are getting payment resistance from the insurance company, contact our boat insurance claims lawyers at MoMo Law, today at (512) 640-5138 to discover how we can help you win this fight. Because if we do not win your case, you do not pay.

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