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Hurricane Damage Claims

The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration lists insured coastal properties that are vulnerable to hurricanes at $2.86 trillion. At MoMo Law, our hurricane damage claims attorneys know how important hurricane insurance is to our community because we not only represent those affected by these powerful storms — we are part of the community that is affected by these powerful storms.

Our insurance claims lawyers know that living in the path of hurricanes is part of the price we pay for the beauty we enjoy. After witnessing the destruction of Hurricane Michael take aim at our panhandle’s residents in 2018, and the powerful hurricanes before him, our commitment to serving those who are being victimized by insurance companies through unfair partial payments and outright recovery rejections has only deepened.

If you have suffered property damage from any hurricane, and your insurance company is denying the financial recovery you deserve, our Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyers can help you pursue your coverage provider for the proper reimbursement you deserve for your losses.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Damage Caused By Hurricanes?

At MoMo Law, our hurricane damage insurance claims lawyers know that hurricane season in our state is accompanied by property owner anxiety that is caused by the unknown. We can track the storm with near precision, but there is no way to know the exact damage that is going to occur once it arrives.

The unpredictable nature of these large and dangerous storms sends most residents from their homes, seeking safety. And when they are able to return, the extent of the damage that is left behind can be devastating.

Common types of hurricane damage can include, but are not limited to:

There is no limit to the amount of damage a hurricane can cause to your home or property, and when your insurance company is unwilling to provide you with the full financial recovery you deserve as a result of the damage or complete loss you have suffered, our hurricane damage claims attorneys can help you pursue the policy’s details for maximum payout.

What Are The Major Causes Of Hurricane Damage?

Most states are perfectly situated to endure some form of hurricane damage each year. While the severity of these storms may vary, the purpose of having hurricane insurance is to protect you in times of need. When damage occurs to your home or property, you expect your insurance company to make you whole again. Unfortunately, they may have other plans.

When your home and property are impacted by the hurricane’s conditions, including high winds, storm surges, and torrential rains, the damage can penetrate every part of your home, business, or other structure requiring the complete replacement of the components therein, including the walls, floors, ceilings, and everything in between.

Insurance companies often delay payments, submit partial payments, or reply with outright rejections to the claims you fully expected them to pay after hurricane damage has changed your life. And the emotional toll that takes on you and your family can cause severe stress, anxiety, and grief.

You do not have to face the insurance claim process alone. Whether you are surveying your hurricane damage to submit a claim to your insurance company, or if you have already been met with resistance, our hurricane insurance claims attorneys can help you pursue the total financial recovery you deserve.

What Are Common Tactics Insurance Providers Use To Avoid Paying Policyholders?

Hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage, and once the storm has passed, insurance companies revert to their all-too-common tactics that leave home, business, and property owners in a compromised position.

Those tactics can include:

Whether your claim was delayed, underpaid, or denied, our hurricane damage insurance claim lawyers can help you pursue an optimal outcome by preparing, negotiating, and litigating a wide range of hurricane claim damages that allow you to hold the insurance company responsible for the policy they wrote, and you agreed upon by paying your premium.

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