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Storm Damage Claims

At MoMo Law, our insurance claims attorneys know that your property is part of who you are, and when it falls victim to storm damage, it can leave you feeling helpless.

Our dedicated storm damage lawyers know that no one is immune to Mother Nature’s ire, and when rain, wind, lightning, hail, tornadoes, or hurricanes make landfall, everything you have worked so hard for can be destroyed in seconds.

Unfortunately, when it is time to file an insurance claim for the damages you sustained, it is typically not going to be met with a speedy solution. This is especially true if you live in an area that was extensively impacted by storm damage, as resources will be spread thin as adjusters scramble to assess the widespread damage.

We want to provide the confidence you need to rebuild, so you can take back control of the uncontrollable circumstances that led to your property damage and the need to file an insurance claim.

Here is how we can help.

Precise Storm Damage Claim Help From MoMo Law

Our storm damage claims attorneys provide skilled legal representation for clients before, during, and after they have filed insurance claims with their providers.

When home, condo, or business owners partner with our storm damage attorneys before they file a claim, we will:

If negotiations with the insurance provider break down at any time, and we believe our clients deserve a better outcome, we will pursue results inside the courtroom.

If you have already submitted a claim with the insurance company, and are not receiving an adequate response, or believe your provider is acting in bad faith, we can take the lead in investigating where your claim stands, and how we can help advance your best interests.

Contact our dedicated storm damage law firm today to get the help you need.

Can I Appeal a Denied Home, Condo, or Business Storm Damage Claim?

If your storm damage insurance claim has already been denied by your insurance company, we want to help you appeal that decision, so you can pursue the outcome you deserve.

When our clients are met with a denial from the insurance company, it can cause significant stress and anxiety. If your home, condo, or business insurance premium is paid and up to date, the insurance company will lean on denial reasons that have long worked in the industry.

They include citing:

Home, condo, or business insurance does not cover every type of damage. Standard home insurance typically covers damages caused by fire, lightning, and wind, but there are plenty of exclusions to the policy, and the insurance company will use those common loopholes to deny your claim. We can help you understand what coverage you have, and how it should apply to your damages.

No matter how valid your claim is, there are time-sensitive requirements for filing and documenting insurance claims. Depending on your location and policy terms, the statute may differ, but the filing deadline is typically within 180 days to a year.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to prove the validity of your claim to the insurance company. Not the other way around. Insurance adjusters will need as much information as possible to pay your claim, including an inventory and pictures of the damages.

The worst mistake policyholders can make when filing a storm damage claim is not disclosing the true nature and scope of their losses.

When you file a storm damage claim, the insurance company will send their adjusters to assess the damages. If they find out that you have not been entirely truthful or put down inaccurate information on your claims form, your claim may be promptly rejected.

Homes are built to last a long time, but the years of inclement weather and normal wear and tear can eventually take their toll.

Nearly all property insurance policies stipulate that the home, condo, or business should be well-maintained and kept in good condition. If the insurer finds that the damage was caused by wear and tear or some form of negligence on the part of the policyholder, the claim will likely be denied.

If your storm damage insurance claim has already been denied, it is unlikely the insurance provider will change their position unless you have new evidence to challenge it.

We can help evaluate your claim and determine why the insurance company issued a denial, so we can appeal the decision and start your claim from the beginning. Insurers are less likely to deny a valid claim when an experienced storm damage lawyer is involved.

Contact our experienced storm damage insurance claims attorneys by calling (512) 640-5138 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you pursue the outcome you deserve from your insurance policy without further delay.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Leading Storm Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys

Are All Home, Condo, and business Insurance Policies the Same?

No. There are different levels of coverage, exclusions, and limits of liability that vary greatly with different companies and policies. Some policies provide basic coverage, while others offer broad coverage and high levels of protection. We can help you understand your coverage terms and agreements, so you know the full extent of your policy’s protection.

How Do I Know if My Property Has Suffered Storm Damage?

Some storm damage – like downed trees, lightning strikes, or hail damage – is evident on sight. If you know you have had a severe storm in your area, and cannot see any obvious damage to your home, but see your neighbors suffering from significant damage or having repairs done to their homes, you could also have damage. Contact a contractor to provide a free property assessment, so you can be sure before any further issues occur.

Does My Insurance Cover All Types of Storm Damage?

Most home, condo, or business owners’ insurance policies cover hail, tornado, and wind damage. However, flooding, hurricanes, or earthquakes usually require additional coverage. It is always smart to check your policy to see exactly what is covered.

How Can I Benefit From Hiring a Public Adjuster to Assess My Storm Damage?

Instead of taking the word of the insurance company’s claim adjuster, hiring your own storm damage adjuster — a public adjuster — or partnering with MoMo Law, who will provide a public adjuster for you, will give you a fair valuation of your storm damage, and likely speed up the insurance claim process and will help ensure you can pursue the proper compensation for all the damage to your property.

Will My Insurance Raise My Premium if I File a Storm Damage Insurance Claim?

It depends on your insurance company and policy terms and conditions. Some insurance companies offer a discount to policyholders who have not filed a claim over a certain period. If you file a claim, you could risk losing that policy discount.

How Do I Know if My Storm Damage Is Just Cosmetic?

Cosmetic storm damage is a bit of a misnomer. Any damage – whether you believe it to be cosmetic or otherwise – to your home, condo, or business could evolve into a serious issue if it is not repaired or replaced right away. Do not give the insurance company a reason to deny a follow-up claim. Act as soon as you see something is wrong with your property.

I Have Looked Around My Property for Storm Damage and Do Not See Any. Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Storm damage is not always visible to the untrained eye. If you are not sure what you are looking for, other than significant damage that could be identified by just about anyone, you could miss an important issue that could turn into something much bigger. A public adjuster can help you identify all damage from the start, so you can pursue an accurate insurance claim.