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Water Damage Claims

At MoMo Law, our water damage insurance claims attorneys have represented home and business owners for more than 25 years to ensure they get the most out of their insurance policies, so they know their long-paid premiums are being honored. Our lawyers know that insurance coverage is not cheap, and when your home suffers from natural and non-weather-related water damage, the repair bill can be overwhelming.

If you have insurance coverage for your home or business, you should not have to pay for any water damage on your own. Our insurance claims lawyers will lead you through the claim filing process, support you and your financial recovery needs during negotiations, or confront the insurance company when they have already denied your claim. You do not have to take no for an answer. Our dedicated water damage claims attorneys will review your case for free, and provide the solutions you need to pursue the best financial recovery available for your case.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Water Damage Claims?

Water damage can devastate homes and businesses without notice, as long-leaking pipes or flash floods can compromise the integrity of your structure and lead to a staggering repair bill that requires an insurance claim to be filed quickly and effectively.

Some of the most common causes of water damage claims can include:

Whether your property damage was the result of a natural disaster, like a hurricane or storm surge, or was caused from a worsening leak occurring behind the scenes, you deserve to get the financial recovery that is outlined in your insurance policy. You have paid your premiums. Now it is time for the insurance company to provide the protection you need to get your property back on track.

How Common Are Water Damage Insurance Claims Made?

Water damage claims rank among the top most commonly filed insurance recovery requests by home and business owners throughout the country. While policyholders will observe the damage as something the insurance company should cover, the insurer will work hard to find a reason to deny, delay, or underpay the claim.

Often, insurers will cite pre-existing conditions or other uncovered circumstances as the reason behind the water damage, leaving home and business owners in a financially compromised position to pay for the damage on their own. Do not allow your insurance company to reject or underpay a claim you know they should pay. We can help you hold them accountable for the coverage that is available in your policy, so you are not left paying out of pocket

How Will I Know If I Am Getting The Financial Recovery I Deserve?

When your home or business suffers water damage, the insurance adjusters will determine the financial recovery you deserve — unless they reject the claim altogether.

There are times when your insurance company could be handling your claim in bad faith, which undermines the integrity of your policy and its coverage.

Other times, insurers will simply undervalue your claim to see if they can get away with it. Their corporate goal is to pay their policyholders as little as possible, citing confusing or unclear verbiage that is outlined in their coverage as exceptions for making proper payment.

At MoMo Law, P.A., our insurance lawyers can prepare an effective claim that allows us to aggressively pursue the insurance company on your behalf, so you are adequately reimbursed for your losses.

Should I Seek An Independent Appraisal For My Water Damage Claim?

Seeking an independent appraisal of your water damage can jeopardize your ability to recover fully, should your case appear before a jury. Hiring an independent appraiser may be considered a breach of contract with the insurance company, which means you may be causing more harm than good by enlisting a third-party agent without consulting with an attorney first.

Before you make any decisions regarding your water damage claim, contact MoMo Law at (512) 640-5138 to understand the best legal path to recovery. We will review your case at no cost, and provide the legal advice you need to make an informed decision regarding your financial recovery from the insurance company.

How Can MoMo Law P.A. Help Me Get The Financial Recovery I Deserve?

Each insurance recovery client we represent has access to our accomplished attorneys and their more than two decades of collective experience in holding the insurance companies responsible for the policies they write.

At MoMo Law, our water damage insurance claims attorneys can provide creative and effective solutions to complex disputes between home and business owners and their insurance companies by calling (512) 640-5138 to schedule a free consultation today.

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